Funny Dog Quotes Part Three

Advertisements Must Not Blinkz. Dog startid It. It was me I let the dogs out. Get a dog they said It will be fun they said. Not sure If here because I’m losing my junk or because I ate the same poop three times. I am who I am. your approval Is not needed. They […]

King Of The Cats Nations

  Once Upon a Time, I Was a King Of The Cats Nations.   I Am very Angry Today. So Don’t Look me long time. You Are My Best Friend. I can’t Live Without You, My Friend.   Advertisements I Am Very Hot Today, I Am Trying To Cool-down.   18 Months Later And He Sleeps With His Duck.     […]

Very funny animals quote

My dog Gets All Chicks. Haa..Haa… Come to Close My friend, I will give You Some Symbols of  Our Friendship. Advertisements Hey baby keep silent,  I become mad by Yours. Hey baby! You are looking so Cute, You Also Uncle……   Hey Bro, Lets Go For a Ride,You Are So Strong….   We Are Looking Together, Because We Have […]

Funny Dogs – Second part

I tried to be good… but I got bored. Last time I played outside , the humans sent me to the dog house for tracking dirt all over the kitchen. This time, I’m takin’a bath before I go home! My humans are gonna be so proud of me!   Bitch,i’m fabulous There are very few […]

Funny dogs with quotes

HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU STILL HAVE THE BALL? My windows aren’t dirty… That’s my dog’s Nose Art I don’t always fart when you have company over but when I do, I make sure a walk out of the room so everyone thinks it’s you. Thank god you are home… Someone broke in and […]