10+Love Memes

by admin on

Do you know that I love you.

I wish I was kissing you Instead of missing you.

I just want you…that’s It. All your flaws, mistake, smile, giggles, jokes, sarcasm, everything. I just want you.

I love you this much! That’s not very much. I love you this much, no lie.

I love you this much, no lie!

Hey you, yea you I love you.

Is your body from McDonalds?  Because I’m loving It.

Every time he gets caught doing something wrong, he makes this face, then looks at me like, “Dude, help me out there.”

When you’re chillin at home and bae facetimes you so you gotta glo up real quick.

I love you. I think you are smart, beautiful, good, and Important, even when you don’t feel like you are.

No matter how stinky your farts are I will always love you.

Love Is…. Not having to hold your farts In anymore.

Written by: admin