$120,000 Banana Art Gets Eaten!

by Hanna Embry on

Art is certainly subjective. So when a famous artist taped a banana to a wall in an art gallery, the news spread quickly. But this past weekend, it wasn’t the banana that was making headlines. It was the fact that someone else ATE IT!

Bye, Bye, Banana

Performing artist David Datuna shocked the world of art when he decided to create a performance piece around the banana. However, it wasn’t just any installation, and it certainly wasn’t any banana!

Named “Comedian”, the art installation was making headlines around the world. It is a piece by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. Known for his hyper-realistic sculptures and installations, Cattelan has been a respected member of the art world for many years. The most shocking piece of information is the price tag. The piece EATEN by Datuna is valued at $120,000 US Dollars!

Adding Value

Cattelan has previously sold two other “Comedian” pieces to private collectors for $120,000 per installation. The gallery name is Art Basel in Miami Beach. After spending two hours walking around, Datuna decided he was hungry enough to eat it.

David Datuna said, “…I was not too hungry so I spent two hours in the Basel.” He also said that he “respects” Cattelan and that him eating the banana is a serious work of performance art.

After the Georgian-born performance artist ate “Comedian”, a spokeswoman for Maurizio Cattelan shared some startling information. Cattelan would not be seeking any damages or taking any civil action against Datuna!

What’s Next on the Menu?

As the wonder and astonishment is beginning to calm down, David Datuna has announced that he has several other performance pieces in the works. He’ll be creating pieces around the time of the Super Bowl, as well as the World Cup! Stay tuned, because this isn’t going to be the last shockwave Datuna sends through the art world.

Written by: Hanna Embry

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