14 Amazing Animals Facts You Did Not Know

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Butterflies Taste With Their Feet And They Can See The Colors Only Red, Green And Yellow.


Crocodiles Can Gallop.

Deer’s Run Speed Up to 30 Miles In One Hour.

Elephants Are The Only Animal That Can Not Jump And Elephants Can Smell Water Up To 3 Miles Away.

Giraffes Have No Vocal Cords And Have Black Tongues.

Male Horses Have More Teeth Than Female Horses.

Hummingbird Fly Backwards.

Kangaroos can’t fart And Kangaroos Use Their Tails For Balance.

Octopus Has Three Hearts.

Ostriches Can Run Faster Then Horse And Ostrich’s Eye Is Bigger Than It’s Brain.

Rhinoceros’ Horn Is Made Of Hair.

Shrimp Heart Is located In It’s Head.

Snail Can Sleep For Three Years And Can Grow Back A New eye If It Loses One.

Snow Leopards Never Roar.

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