15 Cute Halloween Baby Quotes

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Mombie Mom-be: A sleep deprived supermom who feeds on caffeine and survives on sticky kisses and messy smiles. Mombies are master multi-taskers and suck It Uppers.

My children taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. – Yvonne Pierre

Don’t scare me I poop easily!

Creep It Real I’m here for the boos. If you’ve got It, haunt It. Witch better have my candy. Trick or treat yo self!

We’re adding a pumpkin to our patch!

Happy Halloween baby she’s got a date at midnight with nosferatu oh baby, lily monster ain’t got nothin on you well, when I called her evil, she just laughed well, cast that spell on me, boo bitch craft.

Trick or treat be so sweet. Give me something good to eat.

Bobbing for apples.

The scene will be rocking you’ll be digging the sounds at our Halloween party, so we hope you’ll come around.

Who’s ready for the great pumkin??

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