15+ Funny Sick Jokes

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I told my friend a sick joke when he was eating he lost his appetite after it.

What Is a redneck virgin? A five year old who can run faster than her brothers.

Three Jews walk Into A bar. I lied IT was a gas chamber.

I’m not always moist… But when I am It’s like cottage cheese!

Why did the girl fall of the swing? She had no arms.

Weeeeee! Back over the border you go!

Who Is the coolest person In the hospital. The Ultrasound Guy.

I chink I no U.

What If I told you I’m not racist but love a good tasteless joke about races of all kinds Including my own.

My wife was raped by a troupe of mime artists. They performed unspeakable acts on her…

What did the cannibal do after he dumped his girlfriend? Wiped His Ass.

This Cat Is getting Raped tonight.

The best part of having prostitute die on you Is that the second hour Is free!


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