15 Goodbye Messages For Boyfriend

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I know It Is really hard seeing you part my way I will truly wait for that day when you will return to me I will wait for that day. when I will get to see you In my life again my dear I know it’s difficult to see you let go. Goodbye from my side to you!

Don’t worry about me… I’ll be waiting right here for the day when you come back and lift me up In your arms Goodbye…

Just go, just leave I don’t know for how much longer I will be able to hold back my tears Goodbye.

What really hurts, Isn’t how you make me feel like a loser today… but the memories of how you made me special before.

When I fell In love with you, you promised to love and protect me. But all I see now with you Is pain, betrayal and deep hurt. Before It turns to hate I choose to walk away.

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