15 Inspirational Quotes For Sisters

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She Is your sister she Is your mirror shining back at you a world of possibilities she Is your witness who sees you at your best and worst and loves you anyway she Is your partner In crime your midnight companion she knows you are smiling even In the dark she Is your sister she your heart.

My Sister
As kids, we lived together
We fought, we laughed, we cried.
We didn’t always show the love,
that we both had inside.
We shared our dreams n plans,
and some secrets too.
All the memories we share,
is what bonds me now to u.
We grew to find we have a love
that’s very strong today.
It’s a love shared by our family,
you are my sister not by choice,
but by nature of our birth.
I could not have chosen a better one.
You are the best on earth.

If you mess with the big sister, there Is always a younger, crazier sister behind her… that’s who you don’t wanna mess with!

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