15 Pregnancy Congratulations Messages For Sister

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When the mom is so pretty And the daddy so handsome Their baby is bound to be Really awesome, When the mother Is so smart and the father so Intelligent the baby Is bound to be one of the most brilliant.

Congratulations for giving your son the most precious gift ever – A little Sister.

Congratulations! We are wishing a lifetime of happiness with your new little baby!

Life Is so unfair. First, I had to buy you a wedding gift and now I will soon need to buy you a gift for your baby shower. When will you ever give me some? Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

Sister, do you know? Babies are the angels. How lucy you are! you are going to be a witness off the happiest moment of the universe. I am wishing you the best health and a Happy Pregnancy.

Whether a girl or a boy, there’s no greater a joy than the news of your being with child! Happy Pregnancy!

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