16 Funny Take Care Messages For Boyfriend

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Hey what happened to you? I need you to get well really soon, so that we can continue our gossip about life, I know you are bored, so, sleep well and take care, get well soon!

This text carries my love and take care wishes for my lover. Sweetheart, do bring In money for my birthday party as I expect It as a gift expressing your love for me.

Get well really soon, because we are habituated by your presence In life, but ,please spare the doctors and nurses, Lol…. Wish you a speedy recovery take care dear!

Wishing my cute friend all luck for your wedding tomorrow. I send gifts and take care wishes for you as you need them for soon you are going to be grounded In the commitment.

Well I have heard that you are not all right see I told you don’t pick up a fight It takes a toll on your health my dear and now you are living In that constant fear get well soon and get out of this mess there Is no one left to really Impress you know that things will be fine so take care and head to a speedy recovery.

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