18 Graduation Card Messages

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May you celebrate your graduation remembering special memories from your past and exciting dreams for your future. Happy Graduation.

You can achieve whatever you want in life, all you got to do Is believe that you can. we believe In you, Happy Graduation Day.

Now that you are finished with the easiest part of your life, I’ll need you wish you luck. Congratulations graduate!

You can fix my grammar now that you Is smart. Ain’t that what graduates are for?

Nothing can stop you now! you have a ticket to your dreams come true. although, I hope your weird and scary dreams don’t come true. Congrats!

Now that you graduated from high school, keep up the good work and continue to strive for excellence. Congrats!

You did It! you graduated! Now you are like smart and stuff.

Congratulations on graduating wishing you good luck and success all through your life!

As you graduate today don’t forget to thank those who got you here Google, Wikipedia, red bull and copy paste.

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