19 Andy Borowitz Famous Quotes

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Since Romeny doesn’t care about poor people, he needed to balance the ticket with someone who doesn’t care about old people. – Andy Borowitz

Let’s not let a bunch of cheap jokes about Paul Ryan looking like Eddie Munster distract us from the fact that he Is a socipath. – Andy Borowitz

I worry that the controversy about ted cruz’s birth will distract people from the fact that he’s a deranged sociopath. – Andy Borowitz

The Republican establishment’s appalled reaction to the rise of Donald Trump is like someone letting their cat pee on the carpet for 10 years and wondering why their living room doesn’t smell better. – Andy Borowitz

Christmas never would have caught on If It had been called celebrate a little Jew’s bithday. – Andy Borowitz

If billionaires were allowed to influence the results on American Idol instead of American elections, there would be rioting in the streets. – Andy Borowitz

A geoge W. Bush Library Is like a Mel Gibson Synagogue. – Andy Borowitz

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