20 Best Farewell Message For Boss

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Goodbye! Keep In touch! I’ll miss the great times we had hanging out together!

Boss you are leaving this office but your legacy will remain here forever… Farewell.

Our Success story… Wouldn’t have been possible without you! Thank You.

I’ll miss you and think of you always. Thank you for the good times and sweet memories that we shared together. Goodbye!

Without you we’re as pointless as pencil without a “lead!” Aye, Aye boss, you’re the best!

Nobody can do your job quite like you! How will we ever make things work around here without you? Our whole team will miss you. Farewell and best wishes!

Have a wonderful life ahead hope you find the right direction that leads towards your dreams.

You’re an Inspiration to work with your hard work and dedication has earned you the place you are In proud to have a boss like you!

The way I believe, Goodbyes are just the beginning of something better and bigger, Farewell sir, all the best for future!

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