20 Best Gym Quotes

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Be mentally stronger than what you physically feel!.

Don’t wish for It work for It.

Losing weight Is hard, being fat Is hard, pick your hard.

I must go my Gym needs me.

No Pain. No gain. Shut up and train.

I’m not where I need to be, but thank god I’m not where I used to be.

3 months from now, you will thank yourself.

Eat, Sleep, Lift, Repeat.

Being defeated Is often a temporary condition. Giving up Is what makes It Permanent.

Body under construction mind on a mission.

When you feel like quitting think about why you started.

That feeling after an amazing workout.

I don’t give a fuck what people think of me and how I look. I’m doing this for me.

No alarm clock needed, my passion wakes me.

Leave It all In the gym!.

Let the gains begin.

You don’t find will power you create It.

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