20 Best Romantic Memes For Her

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Treat her to dinner at her favorite fancy restaurant, give her handmade chocolates [made my me], a custom flower arrangement, a 90 minute massage voucher, and a 5 page love letter. Complains that letter is too long, she was not hungry because she had a late lunch, the flowers had too much “other stuff” In them, and the chocolates were milk Instead of dark. Oh, and she didn’t do anything for me… or say thank you.

When ur heart Is full of love and warmth bc of ur significant other and ur overwhelmed by how much u adore them.

I killed a mouse for you… I’ll do anything for you… anything.

That’s all I have now what do I do?

I think we’re all just hoping to find that one who will simply love us for the awesome f**king disaster we are.

The day I met you my life changed. We way you make me feel Is hard to explain. You make me smile In a special kind of way, you make me fall deeper In love everyday.

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