20+ Disney Princess Love Quotes Tumblr

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What beautiful blossom we have this year. But look. That one Is late but I’ll bet that when It blooms It will be the most beautiful of all.

The girl seemed unbreakable, broke. She dropped a fake smile and whispered to herself, I can’t do this anymore.

At least out loud I won’t say I’m In love.

Cinderella walked on broken glass. Aurora let a whole lifetime pass. Bella fell in love with a hideous beast. Jasmine married a common thief. Ariel walked on land for love. Snow white barely escaped a knife because love means facing your biggest fears.

You’re never too old to wish upon a star.

I hate when people say Snow White is annoying, or that Cinderella is foolish. Of all the princesses, they had the worst lives; they were both presumably orphans and the women who were supposed to love them hated them. Yet, they still overcame their misery and found their happily ever after, and they should be admired for that.

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