20+ Funny Dad Memes

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Happy Birthday Dad where Is the Excitement.

33% of your job as a dad Is starting at your kids like this until they act right.

A special happy birthday to my dad. Thank you for all you’ve done for me, I appreciate every second.

Dad, I’m Hungry Hi Hungry, I’m Dad.

How Is my dad completely Immune to the black and white filter.

Drives 3 hours to help me fix my car, can’t fix It that night stays the night and spends 6 hours and 300 dollars working on It the next Day. Doesn’t leave tile it runs.

90% of being a dad Is just showing up.

Son: dad, why Is my sister named unicorn? Dad: your mom wanted to name her after something that never existed. Son: Makes Sense, thanks dad Dad: No Problem, third gender. I Identify as a meme.

Life Is hard living In the shadows of my dad.

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