20+ Funny Food Quotes

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Hard work should be rewarded by good food. – Ken Follett

Friday Is my second favorite F word my first Is food definitely Food.

Ways to my heart; 1. Buy me food 2. Make me food 3. Be food

When your friend says you can have a bite of their food, so you take the biggest bite humanly possible.

I won’t be Impressed with technology until I can download food.

There Is no “WE” In “Food”.

If we’re not meant to have midnight snacks, why Is there a light In the fridge?

There Is no ”we” In food. So, get away from me.

Im on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat It.

I eat cake because It’s somebody’s birthday somewhere.

Friends buy you food. Best friends eat your food.

I’m not gaining weight – I’m retaining food. – Author Unknown.

I really don’t think I need buns of steel. I’d be happy with buns of cinnamon. – Ellen Degeneres

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