20+ Funny Relationship Memes

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I said my last girlfriend was the craziest Bitch I’ve ever met. She said “Challenge Accepted”.

No, I’m not single I’m In a long distance relationship cause my boyfriend lives In the future…

It too you 10 minutes to get home google maps says It takes 8. Who Is she?!

“No, I asked you If you wanted fries before I ordered” “Okay, and? I didn’t want them then but they look good now”

When her randomly sends you a long ass paragraph on how much he likes you.

When you and bae are assholes but sweethearts to each other.

Who wears the pants In our relationship? We prefer It when neither of us are wearing pants.

The most Important part of any relationship Is the first open fart.

When you make a joke and the cashier In the drive thru laughs too hard. Her: so you a comedian now huh?

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