20 Jokes In English

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Patient & Doctor:

Patient: I able to sleep only with my family, doctor! Doctor: Ok! It Is not a big problem! Patient :No Doctor! It Is a big problem, because no one allows this In my office. Doctor:???

Well that’s a relief doctor. Don’t worry Mr smith. I’m right 98% of the time. Yes, my motto has always been, “who cares about the other 3 per cent?”

No home button, No camera, No screen. Just Glass! Iphone Launching In 2018.

Murder Of English.

Both of you stand together separately. 2. Will you hang the calendar or else I will hang my self. 3 .give mea blue pen of any color. 4. Pick up the paper and fall In the Dustbin. 5. Why are you looking at the monkeys outside when I am Inside? 6. All of you stand In straight circle. 7. I have two Daughter both are girls.

I am going to name my son physics. Then I will be father Of Physics.

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