20 Latest Funny Relationship Memes

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What’s your favorite position In bed? Near the wall so I can use my phone while It’s charging.

When u wanna start a fight to spice up the relationship but all jake does Is love u… Dammit jake that brain adams shit ain’t gonna cut It. Come party on a real page.

When someone brings me food without asking.

Girls be saying the most unnecessary bullshit ever brah. Guy: I thought I told you I was off this week. Girl: “Nah, wrong chick.” If you don’t get yo gohdamn…

11PM I want to have sex I just want to sit here, eat this burrito, drink this beer, and watch TV.

How ya girl look on facetime when y’all start dating vs months latter.

The most Important part of any relationship Is the first open Fart.

When your significant other burps loudly I’m not even mad… I’m Impressed.

Welcome to a relationship where everything Is “Fine” and you can. Do whatever you want.

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