20 Motivational And Inspirational Bodybuilding Quotes

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The body achieves what the mind believes.

When you hit failure, your workout has just begun.

People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. But how strong you stand Is what makes you!!!

The gym was the one place! Had control. I didn’t have to listen. I just had to push or pull. It was so much simpler, so much more satisfying than life outside. I didn’t have to think. I didn’t have to care. I didn’t have to feel. I simply had to lift.

Different things work for different people. – Ronnie Coleman


When my body ‘Shouts’ stop my mind ‘Screams’ never.

No rest is worth anything except the rest that is earned.

Mind is everything if you don’t believe you can do something then you can’t. – KAI Greene

Work hard in silence; let your success make the noise!

The person with the biggest dreams is more powerful than the person with all the answers.

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