20+ Promotion Wishes To Senior

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Promotion no worries, how many years you have spent In your job. The only  thing which matters Is your hardworking and your precious time for your job. Such characteristics can dominant you above all other employees. Have happy promotion moments.

You fought battles, overcome obstacles. You had a goal, gave It your soul. You worked hard, went the extra yard. You gave It your all, you stand tall. Congratulations

Congratulations! I wish that you keep upto the expectations that your job puts forth!

A promotion well deserved. An occasion worth celebrating congratulations on the success.

The success you have achieved, Is the success you truly deserved may you meet more glory In your life ahead. Congratulations on your promotion. Well done.

Hey my friend I am so happy for you, you finally got promoted and It Is surely well deserved coz you worked bard for It and now that you will earn more, you have to arrange for a party too so waiting for your big treat on getting promoted many congrats to you for getting promoted all the best to you!

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