200 Live Scorpions Found Before International Flight

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What would you do if you found 200 live scorpions on your flight?

Passengers on an international flight would have had a surprise if one man had his way. Amazingly a passenger was trying to smuggle live scorpions onto his flight. One would have been bad, but the man had 200 animals with him.

The collection of venomous creepie crawlies was found in the checked luggage of a Chinese man at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo.

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Can you imagine for the scorpions had escaped and made it to the cabin during the flight. Certainly there would be scenes like a horror movie!

Image: http://www.hirunews.lk/232220/chinese-national-arrested-at-airport-for-trying-to-smuggle-200-live-scorpions

200 Live Scorpions

The passenger was trying to get the scorpions on a flight run by Sri Lanka Airlines to Guangzhou in China earlier this week.

For his efforts, the man was STUNG with a 100,000-rupee ($551) fine by airport authorities. According to Geo TV, the man was carrying the scorpions to use their venom. He planned to axtract the poison in China.

Airporst security machines spotted the dangerous creatures packed in to plastic boxes and hidden in a suitcase.

What species of scorpion was in the bag is unknown. It is believed they were from one of the 18 venomous species found in Sri Lanka. Of course, the bugs were confiscated before the man received a fine and was allowed to leave the country.

However, customs spokesman Sunil Jayaratne told Hirunews: “We detained the passenger and launched an investigation.

“We have not placed a value on the 200 scorpions but trafficking in live wildlife has become a lucrative trade.”

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/scorpion-deadly-black-fear-animal-931561/

Strange Cases

However, scorpions are not even the strangest animal someone has tried to smuggle. One man has been caught trying to smuggle a baby leopard in his carry-on luggage. Another was caught with an orangutan during airport security.

What would you have done if you were on a flight with 200 live scorpions?

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