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She realized none of It was real and set herself free.

She was free In her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city. – Roman Payne

I am. Two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.

I am homesick for a place I am not even sure exists. One where my heart Is full and my soul understood.

I want to live simply. I want to sit by the window when it rains and read books I’ll never be tested on. I want to paint because I want to, not because I’ve got something to prove. I want to listen to my body, fall asleep when the moon is high and wake up slowly, with no place to rush off to. I want not to be governed by money or clocks or any of the artificial restraints that humanity imposes on itself. I just want to be, boundless and infinite.

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