23 Tumblr Quotes About Broken Heart

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Are you experiencing pain because of a broken heart and want to release it? Well, here are 23 Tumblr quotes about broken heart.

“You’re gonna fall in love so many times before you find the one you’ll be with forever. So think of it this way. You’re just one broken heart closer to happily ever after,” said one quote.

“Having a broken heart is like having broken ribs. On the outside you look fine, but every breath hurts,” another quote noted.

All the Tumblr quotes about broken heart in this collection are free. You may upload them on your other social media accounts so your friends can know what you feel. If you have friends who are experiencing heartbreaks, you can send this post to them.

You promised. You gave me your word. You filled me with hope and security. You told me the things I needed to hear to take the chance and make the jump with you. You made me feel like I was worth it, I was who you wanted. But you shattered that all quite well. You couldn’t take it anymore. You turned around and left me falling without you. You promised you wouldn’t. But you did, you left me and you gave up on us.

Cause It’s time to leave those feeling behind.

I think a part of me will always be waiting for you.

You know what? You really hurt me.

But get this, I would do It all again, without hesitation. Because you see, we almost made It. We  almost fucking made It, and I’d go through It all, for a chance to see you again.

You’re gonna fall In love so many times before you find the one you’ll be with forever. So think of It heart closer to happily ever after.

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