25 Best Motivational Gym Quotes

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Food Is the most abused anxiety drug. Exercises Is the most under utilized antidepressant.

Your diet Is number 1! You can live In the gym, but If you don’t eat clean you’re wasting your time.

Sore? Tried? Out of breath sweaty? Good It’s working.

Let them sleep while you grind. Let them party while you work. The difference will show.

Wake up. Work out. Look hot. Kick Ass.

You’re right. It is easier to eat pizza then to run on the treadmill. It’s easier to turn to ice cream rather than people for supporters. It’s easier to say ‘f*** it, I give up’ than to say ‘f*** this, I can do it’. So you know what? I’m not going to sit here and tell you day after day you can do this. If you don’t believe you can, then you can’t. That’s the honest truth. You need to do this for you. And if you don’t want it enough, then you sure as hell won’t achieve it. So take the easy way out and remain unhealthy and continue to gain weight because you can’t realize you are the only one hurting yourself. I didn’t say it would be easy. I said it would be worth it.

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