25 Top Funny Putin Memes

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Oh, you want me to lay of Ukraine? Crimea River!

Good job Putin.

You funny guy I’ll kill you last.

So that’s sarah palin’s house? God, what awful curtains.

Ukraine?  No. Mykraine.

There are three steps to writing a paper: putin It off, stalin,and Russian to get It finished.

Just putin on my glasses.

Please kill me.

See This? This Is how much I care.

Your country contains vodka? It should be part of Russia.

Gee, putin, what are we going to do tonight? The same thing we do every night, Castro… try to make over the world!

Vladimir Putin Is a transgender time traveler.

Nyet! Illegal meme Is Illegal!!

When you type” send nudes” but It auto corrects to “send nukes”

Looks like I’m having turkey for Christmas.

Just putin on my helmet.

Nothing puts a smile on my face like watching obama go on and on about his imaginary friend global warming.

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