30+ Best Fall In Love Quotes

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Falling In love Is easy. Having sex is easier. But bumping Into someone that can spark your soul. –that shit Is rare.

I was falling. falling through time and space and stars and sky and everything In between. I feel for days and weeks and what felt like lifetime across lifetimes. I fell until I forgot I was falling.

Rainy days, good books and a cup of hot coffee.

Nobody Is perfect until you fall In love with them.

Being vulnerable Is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure. – Bob Marley

When I saw him, I knew this was the true love of my life.

The things excite you are not random; they are connected to your purpose. Follow them.

Let’s fall In love and never look back.

I’m not afraid to fall In love. I’m afraid to fall for the wrong person again.

I didn’t plan on falling in love with you, and i doubt you planned on falling in love with me. But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. – The Notebook

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