35+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend (Funny and Long Distance)

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Are you in search of birthday wishes for your boyfriend? YES, then I am pretty much sure that your search is over.

Here you will find some of the best, funny, and long-distance happy birthday wishes for your boyfriend.

Want to send him these wishes? All you need is copy the one you like and send to him using any social media platform or any way you like.

Before I further go into the topic, maybe you also want to read; thank you for the birthday wishes. Because if someone has wished you on your birthday then you can send him/her these thank you messages.

Happy Birthday to my Boyfriend

I am so grateful that my hero is celebrating born day today. I know I cannot have enough words to explain how I feel, but you mean everything to me. Happy Birthday, Love you so much.

Happy Birthday to a man that has stood with me through thick and thin. I feel so blessed that I am yours. Lots of love!

My life would be a mess if I didn’t find you. I would be missing a part of me that would make me incomplete forever. Happy Birthday my lovely hubby.

Can you envision how miserable I would be if we cannot celebrate this Birthday together? I wish you the happiest of Birthday, sweetpie.

Happy Birthday to the man that sends light in my life, my star, my moon, and my world.Pretty of love.

To my soul mate and my best friend, I want to take this rare opportunity to make you know how much I am proud of you. You always make my days easy and my life enjoyable. Happy Birthday.

Before I met you, I was alone and unhappy. After meeting you, my life changed, and I found happiness. Thanks for everything, handsome. Wishing you the best of wishes on your day. Lots of hugs and kisses.

With you, Mondays feel like weekends. Yeah, because you are my source of happiness. Happy Birthday.

Such a beautiful day to celebrate born day of my hero, my moon, and my best friend. Wishing you best of wishes today as you turn a year older.

Your handsome looks and romantic moves are infectious. I feel complete when I am with you—happy Birthday to the most loved man on earth.

The days I spend with you makes me feel younger every year, they make me feel beautiful inside and outside. Happy Birthday, love.

Every day I see you feel special; every year I celebrate with you makes me want to spend your old age with you. Happy Birthday my lovely hubby.

I always feel safe and secure in your arms. It makes me feel like the most important woman on earth. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Here is another year we are celebrating your born day together. As you sip the wine, remember you are the most treasured thing in my life—lovely day sweetpie.

One more year has gone by, and you are going old and handsome. You are becoming more charming and great with age. Happy Birthday, lots of love.

Happy Birthday Boyfriend Funny

I just remembered I need to bring you a gift for your birthday. It seems like I just remembered a lighter for your candles. Happy birthday, love you.

If I am to take hot water or sing happy birthday to you, I would rather swallow the pain. But if I had to choose between that and to buy you wine, I would spoil you the entire night. Happy birthday!

I have just got you a super special gift, something beautiful and unique for this special day. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit in the envelope. Love you.

I see no reason to celebrate old age with candles and a cake. Just take a bottle of whiskey and spend your day checking your old pictures. Happy birthday.

This is your day, put off the candle, cut the cake, share it with us, wash your head with whiskey, and dance to the happy birthday tunes. Happy birthday and thank you for proving maturity doesn’t come with age.

Enjoy this special day perfectly, Happy birthday, and congrats for being older than me.

It seems like I forgot my birthday and remembered yours, that’s because of cakes and whiskey we will pour tonight. Happy birthday!

It’s about time you show your true colors. Happy 18th birthday drinks on you now.

To a man growing old, a piece of cake is never enough. Drinks on you tonight. Happy birthday!

I cannot believe how old you are getting; long are days when you used to steal cakes from your friends on their birthdays. Happy birthday, enjoy your day.

Don’t you think you are old enough to grow up? Enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy birthday!

I am not a fun of sweet cakes and brandy drinks but today I break the rules. See you on the party. Happy birthday and pretty of kisses.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

May this day bring you closer to me, may the old age understand how much I need you in the house with me every day of our life. Happy birthday, sweetie. I love you so much.

Happy birthday to this loving long-distance soul. May this celebration brings joy and happiness in your life. Love you.

On this particular day, my heart is waiting for you, now that you are currently far from me, I send you birthday wishes rather than give you hot kisses and hugs. Happy birthday my handsome man.

I miss you, miserably. My heart wants to be with you every day, but now that you are far away, I take the chance to let you know I ameagerly waiting for you in love. Happy birthday.

I love you when you are here with me, and I love you more when you are far from me. Happy birthday handsome.

I hope I could be with you tonight to blow the candles with you. Happy birthday and celebrate to the fullest whenever you are. Love you.

I am always dreaming of your warm hugs, sweet words, and beautiful smiles. Now that you are away, I have to put up with the dreams. Happy birthday sweet boy and pretty of love.

I don’t regret living far from you; I would rather live far knowing I have found someone special in my life than close in disguise. I am fortunate to have you. Happy birthday handsome!

I may not have the most flawless man by my side, but I know I am ready to put up with your flaws. Happy birthday, love you.

My love for you is so potent that I cannot live a day without thinking about you. I know I love you with all my heart. Celebrate this day to the fullest sweetheart. Happy birthday!

Final Thoughts!

I am pretty sure that above you have found some amazing birthday wishes for your boyfriend. Now, all you need is to send them.

So, what are you waiting for just send them and wish him birthday in a unique style?

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