5 Fun Facts About Living in a College Dorm

by Neal Bricker on

Curious about living in a college dorm? Check out these 5 fun facts!

Many colleges around the world offer on-campus residences in dorms. It appears to be an obvious fact but there is a lot that is not known about dorm life. While dorms have a bad reputation, some students live in one room for the entire 4 years of an ordinary course. But many people will tell you it is an extraordinary experience!

The residence halls have mutated over the years from separating males and females into a place where both genders live together. Today, some universities have high-rise apartments for their students. The halls have bred some of the best business and art partnerships. They have also been a source of the greatest rivalry in different sectors. Here are exciting fun facts about living in college dorms. 

Dorm Life is a Fishbowl 

A dorm is a public space. You will be surrounded by people every minute. Everyone will know when you are coming and the minute you leave. You can pay for college papers online to create some free time for privacy over weekends and evenings. Not everyone needs to know what you are doing!

If you snore in the night, you can be sure a dozen people are angry at you in their blankets. Don’t be surprised if they move rooms during the next swap! If you love privacy, you will constantly feel exposed if you choose to live in the dorm. However, you can use the opportunity to get out of the shell. Establish connections and build relationships that could be valuable in your life after graduation. 

Mooching is a Lifestyle 

There is no eating alone in a dorm. If it is tasty and inviting, everyone will have a taste! I am talking about food! The smell of your delicious pizza works like a bell. It will invite friends and strangers before you are done unwrapping. Each picks a slice and moves on as if they had contributed!

It is time to adapt to the trend. Get used to eating with strangers. Do not turn down an invitation to have a bite as well, even if the invitation is not verbal. You will be full by the time you get to your room at the end of the corridor. It is the mooching nature of life in the dorm. 

Expect the Unexpected

Did they say that pets are prohibited in dorms? Well, not everyone reads the rules. You will meet a snake pet along the corridors or a turtle in the bathroom. Some animal rights activities will raid the restaurant and leave with all the meat while you wait in line. You can be sure they are not going to dispose of it! Such bizarre things happen on campus. 

Dorm life calls for powerful shock absorbers. No one prepares you for what is to come when living in a college dorm. But that is the beauty of youthful communal life on campus. 

You are the Only Clean Person in Your Dorm

Think about it. Each person has close to 39 trillion microbes calling his body home. Some have found a way to manage their army of microbes. Others still need their mothers around! You will have to cope with their unsanitary behaviors and surroundings. You might want to reconsider finishing off that slice of pizza your friend has bitten or the last sip of coffee on the cup. 

Dorm Gives You the Best Memories

Consider dorm life as a moment of discovery. You will learn more about people and social life when living with this multitude. Make the best out of each situation to prepare for what life is about to bring your way. 

Living in a College Dorm Can Be Fun!

Dorm life is a cocktail of surprises. You meet friends who will be in your life forever. You shed all the privacy you thought you need but also learn to live a personal life. Enjoy your dorm days and leave with the most beautiful memories. 

Written by: Neal Bricker

Neal Bricker is a blogger who loves writing about entertainment and funny stuff.