Animals That Would Be Best at Basketball

by Neal Bricker on

Ever wondered what animals that would be best at basketball? What are some of the animals you think hat would make a great basketball team? There’s nothing wrong with thinking wild, right? Here’s a look at these animals and the best roles that would fit them if they played basketball.


Giraffes stand out due to their long necks and incredible physical strength. They can be the best fit to play in a basketball team. If a giraffe were in a shooting position, there’s a good chance it would not miss hitting the target. Plus, playing defense wouldn’t be an issue since they can handle the ball well. Though it wouldn’t be something you would do with your own pet, seeing a giraffe play bball would be amazing!


Gorillas would also be in high demand if a provision allowed animals to play basketball. Suit them with the right suit, and they would play like human beings. Gorillas would be great with their tactical skills and good ball handling. They can jump up to about 30 feet, making them suitable for any basketball team.


Orangutans are some of the largest tree-dwelling mammals. Adult males weigh about 110-200 pounds, while females weigh approximately 60-110 pounds. Their hands are longer than their legs, but this doesn’t prevent them from being great jumpers since they have flexible ankle and knee joints. These physical features allow them to twist, jump, grip, and balance. With these attributes, orangutans can best play as central defenders.


Wallabies belong to the kangaroo clan, but they differ from the actual kangaroos due to their relatively smaller size. These animals can jump as high as 6 feet in the air. With such remarkable hopping power, wallabies would comfortably play the position of a point guard or a shooting guard. They would be unbeatable in any slam dunk contest.


Bharal from the Himalayas are also among the best jumpers. They can easily jump from cliff to cliff, making them a great choice to play as shooting guards. It’s also worth noting that bharals are masters of disguise. Their grayish coat color helps them to hide in rocky cliffs and slopes. Therefore, they would make it difficult for other basketball players to predict their next moves.


Sounds strange, but an octopus would be perfect for ball handling. An octopus has eight tentacles that make up its two legs and two arms. With these physical features, ball handling would be easier for them. Plus, it would make a pretty funny picture.


This squad wouldn’t be complete without mentioning kangaroos. They can make the best players in the team with their sheer strength and speed. For instance, a red kangaroo can cover about 25 feet in a single leap. Any basketball manager would want to have kangaroos in their team.

Which animal did we leave out of this list? It’s high time you know your animal friends and the roles they would have played if they had an opportunity to play on a basketball team.

Written by: Neal Bricker

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