How to Avoid Awkward First Dates With This New Trend

by Luke Jones on

You can wave goodbye to awkward first dates if you follow this excellent advice.

Heading out on a first date to meet someone for the first time is understandably a moment that makes you full of nerves. Naturally, this can often lead to an awkward first date that does not live up to expectation.

That cringey first date is something most of us have been through, or we at least know someone who has. However, an early 2020 trend could help you avoid the early challenges of finding romance!


How To Avoid Awkward First Dates?

A video shows the next big thing in the dating world, allowing you to see your best match and choose them before you go on a date.

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Yes, we are talking about a simple video call. The technology is becoming increasingly popular in dating circles as a way to check your ideal match before leaving.

Sure, services such as Tinder already allow you to like or discard people who may be a good match for you. However, video calling is the next step and can help you to avoid those awkward moments on a first date.

For example, if the video call does not go well then you don’t need to put yourself through a date.

Increasing Popularity of Video Call Dating

Of course, video calling is not a new tool, but it is becoming more popular. In fact, Badoo introduced the feature on its dating app back in 2017. Video calling is only available as an option once a couple have been matched and exchanged at least one message.


Since its launch, the video calling feature is becoming very popular and is starting to trend early in 2020.

Tristan Pineiro, head of communications, says its more likely a real-life date will be successful if people video call first.

He said: “Of course, we can’t ignore the security aspect. On a call you can quickly see that the person is who they say they are, we’d encourage all our daters to make time for this before meeting anyone for the first time, just to be sure.”

Are you on the dating market and want to avoid awkward first dates? If you are, and you do, would you use a video call to check your matches beforehand?

Written by: Luke Jones

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