Best Jokes – Don’t miss it

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Unemployable due to stupid personal  stuff i put on my Facebook  page me too! for me, it was an embarrassing YouTube video.

Make a chair and take a seat.

What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.

He hanged Again press the reset button.

Cop said ” your eyes look red you been smoking weed? i said your eyes look glazed, you been eating donuts?

It was nice to meat you. Yeah hope to see you  again soon so we can ketchup.

you  mean to tell me your real name isn’t mom

What do you call a black person on the moon?

You posted our plan on Facebook ???


Ways  to tell a woman’s mad at you: 1. She’s silent 2. She’s yelling 3. she acts the same 4. she acts different 5. she murdered you.

When a boy send a dirty sms to a gril.. she laughs for 10 minutes forwards that  to her  friends(girls) Then replies to the boy  Eww i don’t  like much stuff, i am not that kind of girl.

Not  sure if people  don’t get my humor or i’m just not funny at all.

Sometimes i fell that i have the worst job in the world! ya right !

I’ve dedicated my life to studying sponges really why because they’re so obsorbing!

What do you get if you cross some ants with some ticks all sorts of antics!

Went to the opticians the other day, guess who  i bumped into? …Everyone!

Yo mama so damn fat i pictured her in my head & the bitch broke my neck.

What is this? milk sleeping in the night morning becomes tight.


If i kill you, you don’t pay Dr. nick riviera.

Spring need to stand up to winter and kick it in the snowballs.

110 Tabs open not sure where the sound is coming from.

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