Bill Gates was Secret Santa for One Redditor

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One lucky Redditor found out Bill Gates was her Secret Santa this year!

Imagine a Secret Santa exchange and realizing your Santa is one of the richest people in the world.

That’s what happened to Shelby, a woman from Detroit, who found out Bill Gates was her Secret Santa.

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Yes, that’s multi-billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Not only did the woman, known as Shelby, luck out with a billionaire Secret Santa, she got one who is notorious for his generosity. A Merry Christmas indeed!

Image: YouTube

Bill Gates Secret Santa

As reported by ABC27, the Michigan native was participating in the RedditsGifts Secret Santa exchange. On its official Twitter account, Reddit showed Shelby receiving her gifts from Gates with the following caption:

‘Just when she needed it most, one lucky giftee struck Secret Santa gold & was blessed with the Christmas of a lifetime. Well done @BillGates.’

‘I always thought it would be super cool to be matched with him some day, but I never really would have expected this to happen to me,’ Shelby commented to

Living up to his reputation, Gates showered Shelby with Christmas gifts. For example, the total haul of presents weights 81 pounds and was so big she could not fit them into her car.

Bill Gates (Image: Wikimedia Commons)


Of course, Bill Gates has a team of people to help him during the Secret Santa exchange each year. For instance, the team researches what would be the best gifts for recipients. Shelby admits Gates got her presents spot on.

While she received two duplicate LEGO Harry Potter and Star Wars sets, she says ‘as for everything else, they are 100 percent what I would have bought for myself.’

A huge fan of Twin Peaks, she also received five scripts from the popular series. Furthermore, Shelby loved The Great Gatsby and was stunned to receive a bound manuscript of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

‘The Great Gatsby is my favorite novel,’ she told Marketwatch. ‘I had some lines from it in my wedding vows. So, this really is a special book to me.’

How luck was Shelby? If Bill Gates was your Secret Santa, what would you want him to send you?

Written by: Luke Jones

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