Bored Quotes

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I do weird crap when I’m bored…

IM bored someone text me 🙂

Some people are beautiful, talented, Intelligent, and mature… and then there’s me.

Facebook Is proof that the world Is terminally bored.

Opening your cabinet, seeing there’s about to be an avalanche of stuff falling, and quickly closing It for the next person to deal with..

I’m rarely bored alone; I am often bored In group and crowds. – Laurie Helgoe

Keep calm and oh my god I’m so bored.

Stress Is caused by giving a fuck.

I’m bored entertain me!

Honestly, I’m scared that you’ll get bored of me.

Bored of being bored because being bored Is boring.

I log off because I’m bored. I log back on In five minutes because I’m bored.

When I’m bored no one texts me. when I’m the most popular kid In the world.

I’m just bored!!!

Sometimes I pretend to be normal but It gets boring so, I go back to being me.

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