Boxing Star Robbed Following Burglar Dare

by Luke Jones on

A boxing star has been robbed after he actively mocked burglars and dared them to beat his security system.

British boxer Chris Eubank Jr has had his home burgled and has been left embarrassed. That’s because he previously taunted would-be burglars and challenged them.

In 2018, the WBA interim middleweight champ took part in an episode of MTV Cribs. During the show, the 30-year-old boasted about the security at his £2 million mansion in East Sussex.  He claimed his house was thief proof and boasted the following:

“If you want to try then go on ahead. I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s up to you.”

How Was Boxing Star Robbed?

Clearly knowing a challenge when they saw one, a pair of thieves broke into the house, which has a £200,000 Lamborghini in the garage on Wednesday night. Eubank posted a video online confirming the robbery.

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However, he continued to be in good spirits and mocked the burglars, calling the “dumb and dumber”. For example, Eubank Jr says the gang did not to “their job properly”. While they made off with seven pairs of Louboutin shoes, they missed a £100,000 watch.

On Instagram yesterday, Eubank showed CCTV footage of two men breaking into his property via a rear window.

“I got back to my house to find some low-lives have been in here, sneaking in like the rats they are.”

“I wanted to take this time to tell you how pathetically terrible you are at your craft of being a thief. Ha Ha Ha.

“The joke’s on you, you absolute scum bags.”

Boxing Star Robbed


In the video, the crooks can be seen walking around Eubank’s ground floor, seemingly not intent on stealing much. In fact, it looks like the thieves were teaching the boxer a lesson for his previous boasts.

Eubank captioned the footage: “Any information on who dumb & dumber are, DM me.”

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