Burger King Rebel Whopper Catches Heat From Fans

by Hatice Degirmenci on

Find out here how the Burger King Rebel Whopper is driving fans crazy.

On January 6, fast food giant Burger King launched a brand-new burger in the United Kingdom. However, the new Rebel Whopper is causing controversy.

Firstly, the Rebel Whopper is a “plant-based” offering that made of soy. Secondly, it comes with an important caveat.

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Sure, a burger make of soy sounds like the perfect solution for vegans and vegetarians. When it comes to the new Whopper, that’s not the case. For example, Burger King points out that the Rebel Whopper is not suitable for vegans nor vegetarians.

Burger King Rebel Whopper

So, why is a burger made of soy not suitable for non-meat eaters? Well, remarkable Burger King cooks the Rebel Whopper on the same grill as regular beef burgers. That makes it a real no-no for vegans and vegetarians.

Naturally, man people looking forward to a healthier vegetarian option are no angry with Burger King. They have taken to social media to ask the company why it would bother to create such a burger and not prepare it properly.

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This is because the Rebel Whopper is cooked on the same grill as beef burgers, meaning a great deal of non-meat eaters won’t be able to consume it.

Social Media Reaction

Understandably, this has caused controversy with many people taking to social media to share their frustration.

One angry poster said: “Not suitable for vegetarians let alone vegans. What is the point?”

Another asked: “How can Burger King be so unbelievably stupid? They’ve a new veggie burger which they are cooking on same grill as the dead ground up into tiny pieces cow burger, so it gets covered in cow fat.”

Someone else added: “What a wasted opportunity. Burger King have shot themselves in the foot by not making the meat free burger available to vegetarians like me and those on a plant-based diet. Didn’t Greggs vegan sausage roll success teach them anything? Commit!”

Image: https://www.burgerking.co.uk/menu-item/rebel-whopper

Burger King Response

Amazingly, Burger King is doubling down and even calls the Rebel Whopper a “game changer”.

Katie Evans, the marketing director for the fast food chain, said: “This really is a game changer – we wanted our first plant-based Whopper to replicate the indulgence and flame-grilled taste of the real thing as closely as possible, and we’re thrilled with the result.

“We’re delighted to satisfy the demand for this highly-anticipated product and finally bring the Rebel to the UK.”

So, would you try the Burger King Rebel Whopper?

Written by: Hatice Degirmenci

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