Cat Destroys Puzzle That Took One Week to Make

by Luke Jones on

One man was devastated when as this cat destroys puzzle that took him one week to make.

Many humans have a love hate relationship with cats. While a lot of us love a cute kitty, cats are usually indifferent to use and seemingly even enjoy the occasional round of trolling.

Certainly, that seems to be the case with one cheeky feline in Thailand.

Cat Destroys Puzzle

A toy store worker in Thailand took to his Facebook to show how a naughty cat had destroyed a puzzle he made.

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He has been tasked with constructing a model of a Doraemon in time for the New Year celebrations. Over a week of multi-hour days was put into constructing the model, which features 2,432 blocks.

If you’re unfamiliar with Doraemon, it’s a popular Japanese manga franchise from Fujiko Fujio.

At the end of the build, the worker says the model was perfect (or should that be purr-fect?). However, he did not think about a cute little kitten who had other plans for the puzzle.

In the Facebook post, the anonymous man showed images of the model in pieces all over the floor. Amazingly, a little ginger cat was looking on after just knocking over the puzzle. It had taken a week to construct but was destroyed in seconds.

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Furthermore, photos seem to show the kitten was happy with his naughty work. For example, it can be seen rolling in the fallen model and generally just having an excellent time playing.

Social Media Reaction

People who commented on the post said while they felt sorry for the worker, they could not be made at the cute kitten.

Elizabeth Chan commented: “Lol. Hope your customer will understand!”

Drop us a comment below and tell use what you would do if a cat destroys a puzzle you made.

Written by: Luke Jones

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