Cat Loves Banana, Images Show A Little Too Much

by Luke Jones on

This cat loves banana and the photos that prove it will make you chuckle.

Bean the feline has become a viral hit online for his dedication to bananas. This kitty simply loves the yellow fruit and when he tucks into one, he cannot hide his delight.

Of course, few foods are as suggestive with innuendo as banana. When Bean eats his ‘nanas, the resulting photos are just a little naughty.

If you have never owned a cat, you may be surprised to know they will eat a wide variety of foods. Many people believe cats are picky eaters, but they are actually similar to dogs and will eat anything.


Cat Loves Banana Too Much

People online are laughing because bean simply cannot hide how much he loves bananas. His owner says he is only allowed his favorite food a couple of times a month. However, when he gets it, he is beyond happy.

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Bean’s owners takes photos and he now has numerous followers on Instagram and Facebook.

In a collage of images of bean caressing the banana, his owner writes the following:

“Guys… my cat. I adore him. He’s my world.


“Oh sweet innocent Bean. Thank you for the laughs. My sweet banana boy, aka ‘Beanana’.”

Bean has become a social media sensation, with the collage gaining 43,000 comments and 48,000 shares.

Speaking to Bored Panda, the owner said: “He just kinda wanted a sniff of a banana when he was about 9 months old or so and ended up really liking them. He never gets much of one and it’s maybe a couple of times a month or even less.

“His vet knows about it because we’ve seen her several times this last year or so for his bouts of uveitis that he’s had a small problem with but he’s doing great and it is unrelated. She got quite a kick out of his photos.

“Banana would be unhealthy for a cat if consumed regularly though. So, it’s definitely not a diet staple for him.”

Poor old bean, his pleasure has been turned into our fun time. However, we love this cat and never want him to stop being so cool. This cat loves banana and that’s the end of it.

Written by: Luke Jones

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