Christina Aguilera Best Quotes

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Because I looked around and realized that there wasn’t one person whose life I wanted.

Any flaw or Imperfection, that may seem like an Imperfection, Is really something that someone else Is going, “Oh my god, that is the most beautiful quality I ever seen.” – Christina Aguilera

I am an ocean, and hence I’m very deep. If you dive deep enough, you’ll find sunken treasures. – Christina Aguilera

The roughest road often leads to the top. – Christina Aguilera

I could never give up my love for experimenting with makeup, with different looks and styles, and with hairdos and wigs! It’s so much fun for me as an entertainer and also on a personal level to keep things fresh and theatrical. – Christina Aguilera

You are beautiful no matter what they say. – Christina Aguilera

For me, my voice and music was always an outlet. Growing up In an unstable environment and whatnot, music was my only real escape. – Christina Aguilera


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