Amazing Christmas Decorations Take 3 Weeks to Set Up

by Hanna Embry on

One grandad in the United Kingdom has shown true dedication in building his amazing Christmas decorations.

Stan Yanetta, from South Shields, has created a stunning holiday attraction in his house, and it is drawing visitors from all over the country.

The larger-than-life decorations take three weeks to put together. Yanetta started quite normally, with just some lights to impress his grandchildren. However, he seems to have caught the Christmas bug and couldn’t stop adding to the festive design.

Over the years, his amazing Christmas decorations have grown larger. Now, he needs a full three weeks to install all the various lights, models, and displays.

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Best Amazing Christmas Decorations

58-year-old Yanetta admits he has lost count of the number of decorations in his grotto. However, he says connecting all the electronics alone takes three days each year.

Over the years, the decorations have become increasingly famous and attract visitors from across the UK.

Stan has turned the decorations into a good cause. He dresses up as Santa, hands out presents, and poses for pictures with visitors in an effort to raise money for the Royal Infirmary in Newcastle.

The lights are only turned on from 4 pm to 7 pm each night up until Christmas Day. Even so, the electric bill costs £15 per day.

Christmas Support

Stan says neighbors love the decorations and welcome his display each year.

“Everyone on the road is over the moon about it”, adding: “Nothing else ever happens around the area and now the kids have got somewhere to go, and to come to see Santa.”

The latest item in the decoration is a snow machine, which Stan is particularly proud of.

“I’m going to position it over where Santa will be meeting with the kids, so I can press a button and make it snow. It’s going to be magical,” he said.

What do you all think of these amazing Christmas decorations? As always, drop us a comment below to let us know. Last week, we saw how one woman created a unique Christmas display by stuffing a Grinch outfit and wrapping it around her tree.

Written by: Hanna Embry

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