Best Christmas Puzzle of 2019 is Confusing the Internet

by Luke Jones on

We have found possibly the best Christmas puzzle of 2019. See if you can solve it!

A festive-themed brainteaser has people stumped online, with most people taking nearly 2 minutes to complete it.

In the yuletide puzzle, people are asked to help Santa find his chief elf, who has gone missing. However, you know roughly where he is because the helper is hidden in an image. Can you locate him in time to save Christmas?

Best Christmas Puzzle of this Year

That’s what you have to do in the Christmas Puzzle, which is one of the best we have seen. Firstly, the elf fell out Santa’s sleigh and is now lost amongst the landscape.

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You will be able to find the elf hidden amongst snow, trees, reindeer, and chalets. However, the puzzle is taking people a long time to solve. Indeed, the average time it takes to complete is 1 minute and 46 seconds.

According to the creators,, the elf is needed in the workshop to help Santa finish his Christmas preparations.

Take a look at the image above. Do you think you can find the elf and beat the average time?

Other Christmas Puzzles

Can you find the 8 differences? Image: Great Rail Journeys

If we have got you in the mood for festive teasers, take a look at this one.

Similarly, this puzzle is a classic case of spot the difference between two images. However, you have just 58 seconds to find the 8 differences. But people are failing the challenge. The brainteaser was created by Great Rail Journeys and celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Glacier Express next year.

Check out the images above and see if you can find the eight differences.

In conclusion, do you like these brainteasers? Let us know below what you think is the best Christmas puzzle of 2019. Certainly, if you are stuck and want some answers, drop us a comment below and we’ll be happy to post a followup.

Written by: Luke Jones

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