Christmas Tree Thief Becomes Santa for a Day

by Luke Jones on

Why did this Christmas tree thief decide to turn on his generosity?

Residents in one Canadian town were left shock when a Christmas tree thief got into the holiday spirit this week.

Police in Brandon, Manitoba confirmed a thief stole trees but decided to give them away. Sure, this means the man was a scrooge for taking the trees, but also part-Santa for handing them out to people.

According to police, a dozen ornamental Christmas trees were taken from a display outside a grocery store last weekend.

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Furthermore, ornaments in the same display were also taken. The petty Christmas tree thief made off with his loot in a shopping cart.

Christmas Tree Thief Turned Good

While the thief made off with the trees, he shocked police and started handing out what he had stolen. Christmas trees were placed outside various properties in Brandon.

Image: Pixabay

In this act of Christmas cheer, the naughty thief left a trail that Brandon police could follow. Sgt. Kirby Sararas says cops followed the trail of trees and found the man. Consequently, the trees were returned to the store and the man was arrested.

Police confirmed a 33-year-old was charged with theft under $5,000. However, Sararas say it does appear the man was handing out the trees in an act of generosity. Although, it is worth noting the sticky-fingered perp was also drunk!

“I believe he was sort of getting rid of them as he went,” she said.

“On the surface, it does look like he was being generous and sharing them with everybody. I don’t know what his intentions were.”

Sure, we know stealing is very wrong, but can’t help like what this Christmas tree thief did. Drop us a comment below or on social media with your wacky Christmas stories, tree related or otherwise.

Written by: Luke Jones

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