Cool Quotes Part 1

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Cool Quotes (1)

The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them.

Cool Quotes (2)

I don’t care if you’re joking. I’m in a bad mood and you’re pissing me off.

Cool Quotes (3)

Who cares who’s watchin.

Cool Quotes (4)

When we first met I had no idea you would be so important to me.

Cool Quotes (5)

Don’t like me? Cool, I don’t wake up every morning to impress you.

Cool Quotes (6)

A simple hello could lead to a million things

Cool Quotes (7)

When I was born I was so surprised I didn’t talk for a year and a half.

Cool Quotes (8)

I love listening to lies when I know the truth.

Cool Quotes (9)

Black is such a happy color Darling!

Cool Quotes (10)

Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you.

Cool Quotes (11)

You haven’t even seen my bad side yet.

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