Couple Kissing at A Football Match Go – Funny Reaction

by Luke Jones on

Love can be a rocky road, but for this couple kissing at a football match, it could be even more difficult.

In an hilarious video that has gone viral, a big screen camera shows a couple kissing during a soccer game in Ecuador. However, when the man and woman realize they are on camera, they drop the kiss.

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More than just stop kissing, they both act as if they are complete strangers. The incident happened during the half time show of a friendly game between Barcelona SC against Delfin over the weekend.

So, Why Were The Couple Kissing at Football?

Both the unidentified man and woman are cuddling and locking lips until they know they’re on the big screen. Sure, many people may not want to pack on the PDA in front of thousands. However, it seems there is a bigger problem here as the man pretends he doesn’t even know the woman.

As for the woman, she moves from kissing to looking uncomfortable in a second. According to newspapers in South America, the man was probably married and got caught cheating on his wife.

Mexican sports paper Record said: ‘If you’re thinking of cheating on your other half, a football match in a stadium with thousands of people in the stands and millions more watching on TV would be the last place you’d go…unless you’re this nice Barcelona SC fan in Ecuador.’


Married or Not?

So, it seems like the man has something to hide. Because he has remained anonymous, no-one really knows the true situation.

However, it seems like the couple has been caught in the act. Certainly, if the man or woman are married to other people, those spouses now know about it. Still, it has made for a hilarious video that is viral on social media.

What do you think of the couple kissing at the football?

Written by: Luke Jones

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