Cowboy Pigeon Invasion Causes Confusion In Las Vegas

by Luke Jones on

People in Las Vegas are dealing with a Cowboy Pigeon Invasion!

Pigeons are one of the most common animals and live alongside us day-to-day. In fact, the small-sized bird mostly goes unnoticed on the streets of our cities. However, in Las Vegas, pigeons are working hard to grab our attention!

The gambling mecca has been hit by a Cowboy Pigeon Invasion. Sure, that may sound crazy, but several pigeons have been spotted in Vegas wearing cowboy hats.

And yes, that information certainly raises more questions than it answers.

What Caused the Cowboy Pigeon Invasion?

For example, confused Las Vegans are asking who put the hats on the pigeons? Why did they do it? And, of course, how did they do it?

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Lofty Hopes, a pigeon rescue and advocacy group is on the case looking for answers. Mariah Hillman, who operated the organization, told HuffPost it has tracked down one of the pigeons. This birdy has been given the name “Cluck Norris” and wears a red cowboy hat.

Meanwhile, a pink-hat-wearing pigeon Lofty Hopes dubbed Coo-Lamity Jane is still flying around Vegas. Some reports have also suggested a brown-hatted pigeon is roaming too.

Following a viral video from Las Vegas resident Bobby Lee last week, numerous people in the city have reported seeing the well-dressed birds.

Image: YouTube

No Evidence

Interestingly, the pigeons have been spotted during the National Finals Rodeo, which was held in Las Vegas. However, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association insisted it had “nothing to do with the pigeons wearing cowboy hats,” ProRodeo Sports News editor Scott Kaniewski told The New York Times.

After checking Cluck Norris, Hillman believes glue has been used to stick the hat to the pigeon’s head.

“We could wait until they molt it off, wait until he loses his feathers when it gets warm out,” she suggested. “Oil neutralizes glue, but then you have the issue of an oily pigeon.”

What do you think of the cowboy pigeon invasion? Are you cooing with delight or are you concerned for the welfare of the birds?

Written by: Luke Jones

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