Crocodile with a Tire Around Its Neck, Could You Remove It?

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In Indonesia there is a crocodile with a tire around its neck and authorities have an interesting plan for removing it.

If you’re travelling through Indonesia in the near future and want to make a quick buck, the local government may have a job for you. However, it will involve you getting up close and personal with a live crocodile.

In fact, conservationists and authorities are offering a monetary reward to anyone if they can free the crocodile.

Yes, this means one brave person would have to put themselves in serious life-threatening danger. Could you get the job done?

Crocodile With A Tire Around Its Neck?

This is a 13-foot-long crocodile, so it is easily capable of killing a human. However, the poor animal has had a motorbike tire stuck around his neck for three years.

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Officials in the area turned to conservationists, but the Central Sulawesi Natural Resources Conservation Office does not have staff trained in crocodile handling. Now, the team is turning to members of the public.

In a bulletin, the office simply says: “A reward will be given to anyone who can release the hapless reptile.”

Attempted Rescues

There are couple of things to consider. Firstly, the office would prefer someone who is trained in handling crocodiles. Although, it does not specifically state you need to be trained. Secondly, the crocodile has lived for three years with the tire and does not seem to have had its life affected.

That said, the office does say they don’t expect the public to approach the crocodile:

“We’re asking the general public not to get close to the crocodile or disturb its habitat,” said Hasmuni Hasmar, head of the Central Sulawesi Natural Resources Conservation Agency.

However, authorities say the species of crocodile is endangered and the tire may harm its chances at mating.

Traps and lures have already been tried to no effect, so the call has been put out to the public.

Interestingly, the office does not say how much the reward will be to save the crocodile with a tire around its neck. For example, removing the tire could land you $5,000, but could equally land you $5. Before you head out to save this croc, I think it’s better you check how much the reward is!

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