Cross Eyed Rescue Cat Gets Own Clothing Brand

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Would you buy clothes branded off this popular cross eyed rescue cat?

A beautiful cat with “googly eyes” is helping to sell t-shirts that feature his face. So far, he has managed to raise thousands of dollars for animal adoption charities.

Named Belarus, the feline is cross eyed and bright yellow. However, he has a dark grey long-haired coat, so his eyes really stand out. This kitty has a condition called strabismus, which leaves looking confused all the time.

Posted as a video by the San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC), the cat has been popular since June 2018. That’s when Belarus first became an internet sensation.

Cross Eyed Rescue Cat Adopted

Rachel Krall adopted Belarus and since he has gained a massive 254,000 followers on Instagram. San Francisco-based Rachel explains why she couldn’t resist adopting Belarus.

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‘When I first saw him, I just thought he was the most hilariously adorable cat ever. ‘I had never really been a cat person before but thought he would be the perfect cat. ‘I sent his adoption picture to my family and their reactions were quite similar. ‘They told me you have to go see him, so I did.

‘His favorite hobbies include juggling, waiting for his food machine and looking in two directions at once.’


Home Sweet Home

Belarus has plenty of friends in Rachel’s home because she is such an animal lover. For example, she grew up with dogs, rabbits, and hamsters. She was looking for a furry companion after her dog recently moved with her family because her apartment was too small.

Rachel said: ‘I moved things around at work that day to be able to visit the shelter and meet him. ‘I wasn’t formally in the market to adopt a pet, but it was love at first sight and fortunately I was informed I was selected to be his adopter later that night.’

Belarus has since become famous and his clothes are now also really popular. Will you be checking out clothes from the cross eyed rescue cat?

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