Cute Dog and Cat Quotes

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Aww, you’re not bad luck…. Don’t listen to them!

Whoah so that’s coffee.

My owner loves me so much, I get a sweater to keep me warm, I’m going to kill you In your sleep.

Day 11: the dog still thinks I’m fur.

I’m gonna Kill whoever said you were adopted.

Sometimes… the smallest things take up the most room In your heart.

Doggiez ar kute, an I luvs dem. Az long as I’z bigger.

Petting a dog “ohh that’s perfect! I love you I love you I love you I do!” Petting a cat  “you’re doing It wrong!!! I kill!!!”

Okay, Okay… I missed u too. Glad dey finded you.

If a dog jumps In your lap, It Is because he Is fond of you; but If a cat does the same thing, It Is because your lap Is warmer. – Alfred North Whitehead.

I like big mutts and I can not lie.

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